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Oxnard DUI Defense Lawyer

DUI Defense Attorney Serving Oxnard & Camarillo

Defending a DUI charge takes skill, knowledge and a deep insight into the process. Not all law firms have the resources, experience and training that found at Floyd, Skeren & Kelly, LLP. Our DUI defense legal team is comprised of former law enforcement, former prosecutors, and former public defenders who have invaluable experience in how to successfully navigate the criminal justice system with regard to all types of DUI charges, including DMV hearings, penalties for DUI, multiple DUI arrests, felony DUI, federal DUI, BUI, DUI & drugs, underage DUI, DUI car accidents, DUI & injury, intoxication manslaughter, out of state DUI, field sobriety tests, breath tests/ refusal, blood test, and criminal defense.

DUI Defense Attorney in Camarillo

When you are facing any type of DUI accusations, the first and most crucial action is to get legal counsel to initiate a defense on your behalf. Those who proceed into court alone will be subject to the decision of the court, which varies from day to day, and from judge to judge. Even a first DUI offense can lead to extensive jail time when you fail to have a defense lawyer that is fully aware of how to operate within the criminal justice system successfully in DUI cases. Our Criminal Defense Department provides the highest quality and experienced legal team to address such charges.

All types of DUI charges pose a serious threat to your future, including your ability to legally operate any vehicle, as a conviction leads to a license suspension, or in some cases, revocation. This is only one aspect of the penalties you will face if you fail to successfully defend your case. Our legal team is proud of their impressive record of success, and our defense lawyer are well qualified to challenge evidence brought against you, including any blood or breath testing evidence, field sobriety testing procedures and administration, rights violations, and other viable defense options.

We are recognized as a preeminent DUI defense team, with the highest peer rating from Martindale Hubbell. We urge you to contact a DUI defense lawyer from our firm at once if you have been arrested and charged with any type of DUI offense in the Camarillo or Oxnard areas.

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