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Oxnard DMV Hearing Lawyer

About DMV Hearings in Oxnard & Camarillo

If you were stopped and arrested for DUI, you should have at that time received a temporary license from the officer.  It is only effective for 30 days, at which time your driving privileges are automatically suspended by the DMV.  You have 10 days to request a hearing on this matter.  There are some definite advantages to requesting a hearing such as over one-third of the people who do so keep their license just because they requested a hearing and you will at least get an extension of your license until the hearing.  An Oxnard DUI attorney can request the hearing and represent your interests during the hearing.

DMV Hearing Defense Attorney Serving Oxnard & Camarillo

DMV Hearings are a separate action from the criminal court hearing and are run by a DMV employee, not a judge or an attorney.  The hearing officer will review the arresting officer's paperwork and give your representative an opportunity to comment.  Your counsel will raise questions and attempt to prove that the officer did not have reasonable cause for the traffic stop, for conducting a DUI investigation or did not correctly follow procedure among other issues.  An experienced DMV hearing lawyer with our firm has years of experience in the process and technicalities of such a hearing, the type of evidence which should be presented and the possible defenses which may be brought to bear.

The DMV officer is not concerned with any personal difficulties you may suffer by the suspension of your license.  Our legal team does understand how difficult life can be in Southern California without the ability to drive.  We prepare thoroughly before the hearing by conducting our own investigation into the facts and circumstances.  Your license is important.  Take action to protect it by calling Floyd, Skeren & Kelly, LLP for an immediate consultation with a talented DUI defense lawyer.

Contact an Oxnard DMV Hearing Lawyer at the firm will represent your interests aggressively in a DMV Hearing.

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